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26 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

In celebration of my 26th birthday, it’s very fitting that I share 26 things about my life so you can get to know me better.

1. It took me 6 years to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting because I was working as a full time teller and I switched majors 3 times – from accounting to marketing then back to accounting.

2. After graduation, I received 2 offers from different companies to work in their accounting department but I declined them because I didn’t want to work in an accounting department. It defeats the purpose of my degree but I wanted something else. I know I wanted something else.

3. I stayed as a teller for 6 more months and I finally got the job I’ve been wanting at the bank as a Business Development Officer. It’s a crazy busy job and the demand keeps getting heavier but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

4. Back in high school, my accounting teacher told me that that if I want to run my own business, studying accounting than business management is better. I’m glad I listened to her 😉

5. I didn’t start dating until I was 19 and it was a whirlwind journey until I met John.

6. I have been with John for 1 year and 5 months. It has been the best days of my life except when he went on deployment for 5 months. So, technically we’ve been physically together for 1 year.

7. He asked me to move in together only after 1 month of dating and finally moved in together after 5 months.

8. John treats me like a princess. He literally gives me anything to everything I want. The only time he says no to me is when I tell him I don’t want to work out, lol!

9.  I started this blog as a creative outlet when John went on deployment.

 10. I used to only wear jeans because my muscular calves make me feel so insecure. My old friend made me realize that there’s no reason to. Now, you will never almost see me in jeans. What an irony!

11. If anyone ever asked who my fashion icon is, my answer will be the fictional character of Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf (hands down). If you watch the show, then you already know why.

12. I initially started gaining followers 3 years ago when I was documenting my fitness journey. I don’t share much of it anymore since I switched over to fashion blogging but some of my followers stayed 😊. If you’re one of them, thank you!

13. My handle was inspired by my friends Cindelle and Melody. They are always praising me for being confident. When I thought about what makes me feel confident, I realized that it is when I’m dressed nicely, hence the handle, Dress Confidently.

14. My oldest friend is Raechel. I remember being the new girl in 8th grade and she had the sweetest and friendliest smile. It turned out she just moved to Guam too. We’ve been friends for 13 years and our friendship flourishes every year.

15. My other best friend is Mark and we used to not get along like siblings who constantly fight. Now, I couldn’t think of my life without him in it. It’s making me sad that he might be moving to the states soon ☹. Raechel might be going in the same state but not me.

16. I recently got a large monogram necklace with my initials P J S. I’m wearing it on this shoot. My current last name is Profugo, J for Joanna and S for Schauman which is John’s last name😊. I’m claiming it!

17. Since John is in the Navy, I am going to be constantly on the move until he retires. This is also the other reason why I have my blog.

18. My family is everything. It always makes me so emotional whenever I think about everything that my dad does for the family and so is my mom. My whole family spoil me even when I no longer live with them.

19. I grew up in Philippines and moved to Guam when I was 13. I barely spoke English then and I still stutter once in a while, today.

20. I always watch my shows with subtitles because I sometimes don’t understand what the characters are saying when they talk too fast or have a deep accent.

21. John asked me once how about when he’s talking? Do I sometimes don’t understand him? I told him that sometimes it takes me a while to respond to him because I’m still reading his subtitles, lol! (High five if you got that joke, I laughed myself to death when I blurted that out to John. It came out of nowhere!) haha

22. No shame but I used to party a lot. Whenever I’d have dinner with my friends, my question was always, “which club are we going to after”? Some people still refer to me as a party girl.

23. I had my first real relationship when I was 24 which also ended my partying days. I have no regrets. I look back in my early adult life and smile because I had a great one.

24. Besides fashion and fitness, I love baking sweet treats. My favorite is making Nutella Cheesecake and Truffles.
25. Before meeting John, many of my friends and colleagues know that I tried so hard to make it work with at least 1 guy. The thing is, I have always been attracted to men in uniform but I would always meet them at the wrong time. I have met several guys that could have been more than just friends if they weren’t just in Guam for 3 months! How do you make a relationship work in that short amount of time? Although it was full of many heartbreaks, I don’t regret meeting them.

26. Growing old used to scare me but not anymore, not now that I have everything I could ever ask for in family, friends, love & career. I’m living my dream life ♥️

Thank you everyone for all your sweet birthday greetings. 

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