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3 Easy Ways to Turn Rompers as Tops

How many times have you said “I don’t have anything to wear!”, yet, you have hundreds of clothes piling up in your closet. Or maybe, you just want to spice up your look using what you already have. Remember those dresses and rompers you wish that could have been a blouse? Have you thought about using those as tops?  It couldn’t just be me who has done this, right?Gingham Romper | Palazzo Pants | Earrings | Block Heels

When bodysuits came around, I thought this idea was from what I’m already doing with my rompers and short dresses. My gingham top on these pictures is a romper which you may see the full outfit here. Turning my rompers into tops  was developed a couple of years ago when I bought a beautiful romper online but it was wayyy too short. I could have returned it but the design and style is too pretty. I was determined to wear it but don’t want to be scandalous. What I discovered worked best is partnering it up with a flowy skirt.

Here are the ways you can successfully pull this off too.

Choose a skin Tight Romper/Dress: Okay, maybe not skin tight but tight enough where you don’t have to worry about bulging below your waist area.

Pair it with a Flowy Skirt: Grab yourself a maxi, midi or box pleated skirts. These types of skirts are flowy enough so you don’t have to worry about your tucked-in romper, again, being bulgy. It’s going to blend well, I promise.

Pair it with a Palazzo or Wide Leg Pants: In my pictures, I’m wearing a Palazzo Pants from Forever 21. These types of pants are currently trending too! Tucked-in rompers would look great with wide leg pants because it has enough space to hide the extra fabric from your romper or dress.

This is a simple trick I have used TONS of times which created more combination in my Mix and Match Outfit Game. So, next time you say you don’t have anything to wear, look for that romper and match it with your cutest skirt.


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