Even with the island living where “casual outfits” is to go to, I still somehow managed to fall in love with dressing up. I don’t do it for attention. I do it for me. I do it for the confidence it somehow manifests whenever I’m dressed nicely. 

Welcome to Dress Confidently! My name is Joanna the creator of this blog. I reside in Guam, a US Territory in the Pacific Ocean. I initially started this blog to invest my time productively while my other half was on deployment. Since then, it became my creative outlet to share what I have always loved – fashion. I’ve always had passion for fashion but never truly had the confidence to wear the clothes. Eventually, I got over those and finally became comfortable with my own skin. It’s quite the contrary but fashion is the main reason behind the confidence I have right now.

My style and outfit picks have grown from once upon a time just consisted of party dresses. I remember many Friday nights spent hunting for the weekend dress and heels – the perfect combo I could dance the night away with.  Eventually, that excitement faded away. What didn’t go away is my newly developed interest in dressing up and evolving style. Dress Confidently showcases those different styles: trendy but work appropriate, business but chic, casual but dressy and girly but not all pink. I don’t limit myself to just these but currently, these are the type of clothing I feel most confident with!

So, follow me along as I discover and share more of what’s out there. Hopefully, it’s something that you could bring in to your own closet too.