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The Number 1 Choice When You Don’t Know What To Wear as a Wedding Guest

Traditionally, semi-formal or Sunday’s best is the perfect way to go when it comes to weddings. However, living in Guam has taught me something else.

You can never predict what style wedding guests will choose!

Many times, I feel like if I wear semi-formal, I’ll be over dressed or if I wear casual, I’ll be underdressed. That’s when this floral maxi dress came in. It’s a little silhouette until where the slit ends. It is also not too long so pairing it with a flat sandals gave me that perfect semi-formal-casual look blend.

So, the next time you’re in doubt, may I recommend a maxi dress too? Choose a floral or patterned design if the wedding and reception is during daytime and a solid design for an evening reception.

Don’t waste a good Maxi Dress for a one time event! Grab your favorite blazer and create another look. Pairing it with a blazer will give your dress a new-do.

BCBG Maxazria: Dress (Soldout)


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