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How Revolve’s Influencer Marketing Campaign is beneficial to Resellers?

Do you ever feel like there are a million of brands out there and feels so overwhelming to just select a few? And how do you even know which brands to pick?

Here’s a good place to start: Revolve.com

This was another gem I stumbled upon when I was checking for stock photos for items that I sourced. Majority of the items I checked led me to Revolve. At first, I thought it was just a coincident until I dug a little deeper.

Have you heard of Revolve’s influencer marketing’s campaign called “Revolve Around The World?” If not, here’s a quick summary. Revolve works with about 3,200 influencers. These influencers are sent around the world for Revolve sponsored trips where they wear Revolve apparel.

Naturally, these influencers would talk about and post their outfit on their social media. That simple post will be seen by millions of audience, creating a buzz for that OOTD and of course the designer.

In fact, this strategy was so effective that Revolve claimed 70% of their revenue in 2017 was a result of their partnership with influencers. Revolve recently became a publicly traded company and the word “Influencer” appeared 17 times on their latest 10Q. They mentioned in great details how influencers have positively impacted their operation.

As resellers, that partnership is also beneficial to us. The influencers are increasing brand awareness.

Here’s a quick way to prove this.

Have you heard of the brand called H:ours?

No? Me neither?

(PS: As I was typing that, my husband sneak and said I spelled “hours” wrong, lol. But, no really, that’s how the brand is spelled: h:ours). Check out Poshmark and see the comps for that brand.

I honestly have never heard of that brand until I was checking the designers on Revolve’s site. And I, would have never learned about that brand or even thought about sourcing it if not for Revolve.

Your turn. Check out the list of designers on Revolve’s site. Pick one or two. Then, check the comps for that brand on Poshmark.

So, you get my point. The brands on Revolve have high brand recognition because of influencers. In return, influencer’s followers who are not able to afford the full price on Revolve may be looking for the same outfit or designer on reselling platforms. It could also be, if the item gets sold out and won’t get restock, where else can they find it?

I also noticed that Revolve’s in-house brands tend to have great comps on Poshmark. These in-house brands include Lovers + Friends, NBD, Tularosa, The Jetset Diaries, Raye, Privacy Please, Majorelle, LPA and H:ours

I found that shocking since in-house labels like the ones from Nordstrom and Macy’s are normally not sold with high profit margin. Again, the main difference may be coming from Revolve’s partnership with influencers.

We are in this moment of time where brand recognition and awareness are not just coming from celebrities anymore. Our generation, I mean, my generation, the millennials and the one right below us – Gen Z, are so tech dependent that we now look up to influencers for our next fashion inspo. I mean, how can we not? We are always on our phone, scrolling on IG and influencers are all over our InstaFeed.

One thing is for sure tho, Revolve’s management is very smart for capitalizing on this new consumer behavior.


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