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When I first discovered how to apply make-up, I didn’t know that it involved a lot of different brushes! Even after years of learning the art, I still get mixed up with the correct brush to use. My make-up life even got more complicated when contouring gained popularity. I would end up mixing or using the same brush for blushing, contouring and highlighting.

Luckily, this professional brush set from Vanity Planet comes with a guide which explains what each brush is for. So you will never have to worry again whether you’re holding the right brush. Beyond these, my favorite part is how amazingly soft and gentle these brushes! After all, Vanity Planet uses premium synthetic bristles which allows for smooth, controlled, and streak-free application of dry, cream, and liquid based products.

I love how it comes with a roll-out case and protective cap so you can always keep it clean and have it on the go. The case also makes it so perfect for ladies like me who needs to retouch their make-up throughout the day. Although it has a wooden handle, they are made out of Birchwood which makes it very light. You wouldn’t even feel you have them in your purse.

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