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Must Have Supplies for Online Resellers


Before you scroll down to see what I added in this list, I want to tell you all about the FREE USPS Supplies first. In case you don’t already know, you can register an account with USPS so you can start ordering your free supplies.

With Poshmark, Tradesy, Mercari, Depop and even eBay, your prepaid label is USPS Priority Mail. It means you can use any USPS supplies that says “Priority Mail” on it. These are the two supplies I normally order online since my local post office don’t carry them:

Padded Flat Rate Envelope
When you go to the site, you will see a bunch of option. I personally use this padded envelope since my regular items fit in it. I also like the additional protection since it’s padded.
Most shoes that don’t have it’s original box will fit in this box.
FREE USPS Priority Mail Tape
USPS also offers FREE Priory Mail Tape but this can’t be ordered online. You would have to call. Check out my Instagram post here and learn how to get them.
FREE Recycled Boxes From Work, Family & Friends
You can always reuse all those Amazon boxes or if your work receives lots of inventory or supplies, ask if you can have those packaging boxes instead.

I used to do that. Before I left my old job, everyone pretty much knew that I sell online. I asked my manager if I can take home the packaging boxes. She also ended up giving me boxes from her personal online orders. My friends also gave me boxes. Take advantage of all the free supplies and resources you have.


Now, if you’re ready to spend an extra dime to tweak your packages and add some organization in your reselling room, here are the ones I personally use and highly recommend:

Reusable & Eco-Friendly Poly Mailer (12.5″ x 15″)
This polymailer is perfect for shipping First Class Packages. It’s light weight, reusable and recyclable. This is what I used for Mercari and eBay when the overall package weighs less than 15.99oz.

Self-Seal Padded Poly Mailer (10.5″ x 16″)
This is another great alternative. What I like best about this one is that it’s padded. Depending on the item I’m shipping, I would choose this over the one above.
Corrugated Shipping Box (16″ x 12″ x 6″)
If you sell shoes with boxes, this size is perfect for it. It also works with handbags/purses and bulky coats.
Flat Corrugated Shipping Box (18″ x 12″ x 4″)
I find this size to fit most of my gowns and long dresses. This one (16″ x 12″ x 4″) also works great. It’s compact and you don’t need to add extra stuffing.
Oyster White Corrugated Mailer (15″ x 11″ x 2″)

This is the shipping box I recently shared on my Instagram Story. I initially got it because it reminds me so much of Zara shipping box. It’s kinda like it but not glossy. It’s best used for dresses.
Eco-Friendly Air Pillow
Speaking of stuffing, from time to time, I add some air pillows on my packages. Just to keep the item tight and prevent it from shifting during transit. These are also reusable and recyclable.
Bubble Wrap Roll
In replacement of air pillows, I also sometimes use this bubble wrap for boxed shoes. I would just wrap the whole box and throw in the shipping box. This way, even if it moves around, it’s still protected.


You sourced, you photographed, you listed, then now what? How do you store your item while waiting for it to sell? Polybags and garment bags are my answer for you. Here are the different ones I use:

Multiple Size & Resealable Clear Poly Bags
From swimwear to maxi dresses, these are the poly bags I use. It does come in non-resealable option but I prefer the resealable one the buyer can reuse the bag.
Extra Large Self Seal Polybag for Handbags (19” x 24”)
This is the perfect size for handbags and backpacks.
Garment Bag
| Short Dress | Midi Dress | Maxi or Gowns |

Some items require additional care like leaving them hanging rather than folded. For these items, I use different sizes of garment bags depending on the length. I, also, of course ship the items this way so it’s protected while in transit.
Shoe Bag
| 10″ x 14″ | 11″ x 12.5″ | 12″ x 20″ |
I used to carry a lot of athletic shoes. Whenever I buy them, it wouldn’t come in with the original box. While the plastic bags I linked here are supposed to be used for food, they also work well with shoes.


Wire Grid Storage Cube
I love this organizer! I love that it’s wide open so I can easily see what I’m looking for. It can be easily put together and detachable so it’s perfect if you’re always on the move. Each cube can hold up to 40 lbs. Just to be safe, I put the lighter items like swimwear at the top and heavier items like jeans in the bottom.
Extra Long Bar Garment Rack
This rack can carry up to 400lbs! If you like to keep your clothes hanging or just source plenty at a time, this one is for you. The bar is 62” long.
Handheld Garment Steamer
I’ve seen the bigger ones and maybe one day I’ll upgrade. For now, this handheld steamer is perfect. It does the job and don’t take a lot of space.
Digital Weight Scale

While I normally don’t weight my Poshmark’s order (unless it’s a bundle), I definitely weigh the item for Mercari, eBay and anything else that I plan on shipping as a First Class Package. I have been using this scale for almost a year and has never encountered any issue with my order’s weight.
Real Life Mannequin
I love this mannequin because she looks kinda real but she’s heavy. Since I carry tons of gowns, her height is perfect for properly displaying the dress. To be honest, I think this is the kind that is used for store display. I bought the hair separately since she looked weird as bald. You can get the hair here. If you’re looking for cheaper and lighter version, here’s the other one I have.
Adjustable Handbag Stand
I use this stand to capture the best picture for my handbags. By best, I mean it holds up the form just like that Kate Spade bag. It’s the actual photo I t
Paper Cutter
This cutter is perfect if you create your own tags. I create tags for my boutique items but also to add some tags for my pre-owned items. I’m all about professional output and this cutter help me achieve that.
Cotton Hang Tag String
I use this cotton string to attached that tag to the garment. No tagging gun is required. It fastens by lightly snapping the ends together.
Circle Label (2″ Round, 20 Per Page)

This is what I used for my customized circle stickers. You can download the template here. Just scroll down and you will see the template for 2″ Round, 20 Per Page. You can also just copy and paste your logo but I personally just played around Microsoft Word’s different font.

These are all the products I currently use and working out well for me. For sure, I will add more as I discover them, so keep on checking. Or, just keep an eye out on my Instagram story :). Hope you guys find this useful.

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