3 Reasons Why Dressing Well Matters

Throughout high school, I hated hated doing presentations in front of the class. I hated talking in general. Everytime I did, I would always hear my classmates snicker and laugh over my accent and broken English. College, I thought would be hell because of how much presentations were required.

Thankfully by then, I have learned a trick. I thought to myself that if I dressed nicely, my audience attention could be diverted to my outfit if my presentation goes awry. I also thought that even if my presentation doesn’t go well because I can’t enunciate the words properly, at least I was dressed nicely. Post college, I have realized that dressing well wasn’t just a way to divert the focus off my speaking style.

Dressing well guarantees a major confidence boost, lasting first impression and readiness to face anyone at any given time.

Dressing Well Matters by Dress Confidently

Dressing Well Matters by Dress Confidently

Confidence Boost

There are no right or wrong ways on how to boost your self-confidence. It may even sound narcissistic to put such a high value in power dressing. However, a pleasing appearance can contribute a big portion to your self confidence. Think about this, when you don’t look good, you carry yourself and treat others differently than when you’re dressed well. When we look good in the outside, we feel good in the inside which makes us the best version of ourselves. Appearance is one of the easiest thing you can control, so own it!

Makes good impression

As Jonathan Alpert of The Huffingpost said, “Clothes certainly don’t make the person, but they can definitely influence the public’s perception.” Take for example, a job interview. Why do you dress nicely? It has been proven time and time again that the person who is better dressed will get the job or land a promotion. Self-perception has a tremendous impact on how others perceive you. The better you dress, the more likely it is you will do your best. 

Readiness to Face Anyone at Any Given Time

How many times have you bumped into someone when you wished you were wearing something else? Or worst, you bumped into your ex with his new girlfriend and you’re wearing a shirt with a visible hole in your armpit (worst case scenario)?!

Thinking about it, the last time I bumped into an ex, he was with a date. I had the audacity to say hi  and gave him a hug because I know I looked good and the date, well…casual. I was also bitter because he was already dating when I haven’t even moved on. Just thought I’d give him one more look. While that encounter opened up our communication again, our relationship didn’t stand a second chance. Some things can’t be fixed because of how we dressed.

I digressed but the point is, life is consisted of random encounters. You have the power to alter how someone sees you based on your appearance. Make use of it.


What do you think of these reasons? Do you have anything to add? I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave them down on the comment. 

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